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Frugifero is what bears fruit.


My album track by track


First of March

It’s Jessica’s favorite piece.



If it is true that art is my way of giving back, it is also true that I welcomed this piece as a gift. I named it with an ancient word, which I feel bodes well and which I would like to protect from disuse.


Rhapsody from an eclipse

For the esoteric tradition, the eclipse is a moment full of meaning. This rhapsody wants to grasp its essence: the struggle between light and shadow, the sinister omens, the creatures of the woods, the witches dancing and the night spirits. A manifestation of the sublime to be contemplated with reverence.



What are the frequencies that the human ear hears best? The same as birdsong. What is the color of which the human eye sees more shades? Green. Everything reminds us of nature, even if we take more and more distances from it. When was the last time you got lost on the horizon? I’ll help you, follow the flight of the feather!



Lullaby forever

Bombs ravage cities and the sea returns the bodies of those who seek escape from war and misery. The lazy rhetoric of solidarity and the hypocrisy imbued with philanthropy have stifled the genuine feeling of compassion. Despite everything, in the midst of the rubble, a piano still plays. May it be a comfort for those who have remained and sweet lullaby for those who are no longer...


Puck, former midsummer minuet

I wanted to write a classical minuet, then something went wrong. A Shakespeare’s goblin prank?


Wake up

Red pill or blue pill? We live in numbness, we are enveloped by a cloud of illusion that keeps us sleepy. The way of awakening begins when you take the first step to seek it, because the only possible revolution is the inner one.


Meditation on the black keys

A relaxing and hypnotic piece to use during the practice of meditation, freely inspired by the method of Monica Haegg, shaman and spiritual guide based in Stockholm. My habit was to compose it using only the black piano keys.